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My goal in this space is to bring safe organic products to patients and the community. I bring a new age approach to medical cannabis supplementation and recreational sports enjoyment. My goal is educate our community with the science of medical cannabis and use its compounds to help with pain relief, mood management, focus, sleep, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation and cancer inhibition. The goal is to get off synthetic chemicals and transition to a safe non-toxic organic alternative. I'd love to help you through your personal journey. Cheers!! FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS GET FREE 1GRAM PRE-ROLL!!!!! NEW 5.00 PROCESSING FEES APPLIED TO EVERY ORDER! Please inform dispatch of special delivery requests. WE WILL CONTINUE TO SERVICE OUR CUSTOMERS AND PATIENTS DURING THIS TIME. FOR THOSE THAT ARE WORRIED ABOUT CROSS CANTAMINATION, WE CAN DELIVER MEDS TO YOUR DOOR AND DROP OFF AND PROVIDE A NOTIFICATION. PLEASE SEND VENMO, ZELLE, PAYPAL. CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED, BUT WE ASK THAT IT BE PUT IN AN ENVELOPE AND PLACED UNDER THE MAT.THE GOAL IS TO CONTINUE TO PROVIDE QUALITY SERVICE WHILE MINIMIZING POTENTIAL C-19 RISK. Currently excepting Credit Cards W 3.50 CHARGE ID MUST BE PRESENT, Cash, Zelle, Venmo & Cash App.Minimum order is 50.00. Thank you!