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We believe 10 MG of CBD is the sweet spot for Daytrip's fruit-flavored sparkling water with CBD. Daytrip is all about making you feel happy, refreshed, and reminding you that life is as good as you make it. Cruise through life with The Daytrip Effect. This sparkling beverage is infused with 10mg of natural CBD, with fast-response technology for maximum absorption into your body. Slide into a happy yet relaxed mood after your very first sip. Fizzy drinks are usually associated with unwanted calories and excessive sugar. If you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this sparkling beverage is just the one for you... Each serving contains only 5 calories. Zero sugar content and zero carbs. Vegan and Gluten Free. By adding Botanical Terpenes we can guarantee the consistency of an uplifting effect in every can. So you can sip all you want and get your Daytrip going without a worry